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Prior to conducting surveillance, a thorough background & vehicle check is performed on every assignment.  The background check helps confirm the subject’s current address, the number of residents we can expect to see at the house, and any criminal and/or civil issues pertaining to the subject and his family.  The vehicle records check informs us which vehicles we can expect to find at the residence, most importantly, which vehicle(s) the subject might be driving.  All of this information is included in our detailed report.

Before proceeding to the subject’s residence, reconnaissance of the target area is obtained via satellite imagery to help determine the make-up of the subject’s residence & neighborhood.  In many cases, ideal surveillance positions can be determined before entering a neighborhood, helping avoid suspicion by the subject or neighborhood watch programs.


We use only state-of-the-art video equipment with high-powered lenses, which allow our investigators to obtain high-quality video from a much further vantage point than even a few years ago.

Today's technology also allows the investigator to wirelessly email a preview of the video directly to you immediately after obtaining it in the field.  (For those times when you "just can't wait" to see what we obtained.)

Both video footage and photograhs will be provided online via one of the following servers; Google Drive Link, iCloud File Link, DropBox or OneDrive Link.

We are also prepared to make a professional presentation to the court when testifying on your behalf by playing back the original film on our own flat-screen monitors.  An un-edited copy of the original video (or the original, if required) will also be provided to the court in their preferred format.

From start to finish, you can depend on Professional Investigations to provide you with the results you expect from a full-service detective agency.  Experience the results!